About Heritage Fresno

Organized in 2003 by Fresno historian Mabelle Selland, Heritage Fresno is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of historic structures, districts and objects in the city of Fresno, California. We came together as the need to exercise discipline in historic preservation became evident. We had lost too much in the face of continued demolition of irreplaceable historic assets, replaced, if at all, by mediocre architecture in downtown Fresno. Nowhere was this more dramatically demonstrated than in the clearance of “Old Armenian Town” to make room for a private developer’s project which is yet to be built.

Today, Heritage Fresno advocates historical preservation by means which include encouraging the study of local history, organizing public participation in environmental review, publication of articles in a newsletter, and testimony before public boards and commissions.

With the help of our extensive local membership, Heritage Fresno conducts educational programs and events which stress the importance of historic preservation for the maintenance of an authentic community. In this way, we hope to achieve our goal of enriching the future by preserving our past.